Making commissioning policies the same

Clinical Commissioning Groups are looking at how we can make our health services fair and consistent no matter where people live across West Yorkshire and Harrogate.

The aim is to make health care providers (the organisations that deliver health and social care services to people such as hospitals) refer people to services in the same way. Clinical thresholds are the criteria that people need to meet to access specific care or services.

This work will:
  • Improve the health of the population by providing preventative health and social care support through the health optimisation approach
  • Save money and release money to be used elsewhere for health and social care
  • Reduce difference and inconsistency in policies and the way that health and social care is delivered
  • Reduce the feeling of a ‘post-code lottery’ across the region, where people have different experiences of health and social care depending on where they live.

There are four priorities in the programme: